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BlastBall (Ages 3-4)


June 8 - June 29

Tuesday Evenings


Ages 3-4

Location: Jacobson Park

Volunteer coaches needed!

Fee: $20, Late Fee: $30 after April 30

Registration Deadline: May 24

Scholarships Available! For more information email Sara at saraf@roughridercenter.com


Watford City Recreation's Mission: To create recreational opportunities that promote community cohesion and love of recreation while meeting the needs of our community.

Program Mission: To introduce kids to sport and most importantly the values associated with sports.

What to expect: Each week kids age 3 will have the opportunity to play games on Tuesday and Thursday for the month of June. We expect games to be fun and for the interactions between all involved as positive. Lets have Fun!

Goal: To provide an environment for young kids to have a positive experience in recreation through the game, volunteer coaches, and interactions with other players.

Below is the basic set up and gameplay of Blast Ball!

Game Set Up

  • Place the Tee at home base
  • Place one of the blastball bases 50ft away from home blastball base
  • 10ft away, draw an arc connecting first and third base lines

    Blastball Gameplay

  • There are no outs
  • No scores are to be recorded
  • Each team usually holds 5-9 players, but this is something that can be changed (take not for bigger teams, this will take a lot longer)
  • In offense, each member gets an unlimited number of turns at home plate until they hit a decent fair ball
  • In offense, per round, each member has their turn

    Moves for each batter

  • After hitting a fair ball, player runs to the blastball base then returns to home plate (no 2nd or 3rd base)
  • Next batter comes up and remember, every team member gets their turn and gets to keep trying until they make it!

    Defense moves

  • All members of the defensive team must stay at least 40 feet away from home plate to allow for a little challenge.
  • When the ball has been hit, defensive members try to catch the ball or field it.
  • If the ball has been caught or fielded, the defense member must year “Blast!” but of course, it doesn’t count if the batter has already made it to first base.

It’s important you know that Blast Ball isn’t just good for fun and a initial entry the game of baseball/softball, this game is a great way to teach kids values in sports; because getting along and sportsmanship is one of the best things a child could learn at a young age.

Dates: Tuesday, Jun 8, 2021 05:30 PM - Tuesday, Jun 29, 2021 06:30 PM