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3rd & 4th Grade Flag Football

3rd & 4th Grade Flag Football
August 17-September 30

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday Evenings
Practices: 6:00-7:00PM, Games: 6:30-7:30PM
Location: RRC Baseball Field or RRC Football Field
Fee: $40
Late Fee: $50 after July 31
Registration Deadline: August 8

Rules: https://dawaplatform.blob.core.windows.net/watfordcityparks-file/Event%2FPrograms-Activities%2FYouth%20Flag%20Football%20Rules.pdf

3rd & 4th Grade Teams: https://dawaplatform.blob.core.windows.net/watfordcityparks-file/Event%2FPrograms-Activities%2F3rd%20%26%204th%20Grade%20Teams.pdf
3rd & 4th Grade Schedule: https://dawaplatform.blob.core.windows.net/watfordcityparks-file/Event%2FPrograms-Activities%2F3rd%20%26%204th%20Flag%20Football%20Schedule%20(updated).pdf
August 10: Virtual Parents Meeting YouTube Link will be sent out
August 12: Coaches Meeting

Any questions can be directed to Krystal Wold at krystalw@roughridercenter.com
Scholarships Available! For more information, call (701)842-3665 or email saraf@roughridercenter.com

Refund Policy: https://dawaplatform.blob.core.windows.net/watfordcityparks-file/Event%2FPrograms-Activities%2FRefund%20Policy%20current.pdf

Communication: We ask that you register with an accurate and up to date email as we communicate during this program. 

Social Media: Like us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/wcpr1/?eid=ARARiBwQtGrqp-GjhsNIorJMp0NAIoVOQRO1quw1DbqSIc6Rq4Dei8odwTv65CAMr8fcw_yRHWe5_AIE and Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/wcparksandrecreation/ for additional information. 

Success = Process

Watford City Recreation's Mission: To create recreational opportunities that promote community cohesion and love of recreation while meeting the needs of our community.

Program Mission: To create sporting opportunities for kids to be active, engaged, to develop sport specific skills, life skills and have fun.

What to expect: Kids will have the opportunity to play games and develop during practice.  We expect games and practices to be fun and for the interactions between all involved to be positive. Let’s have Fun!

Goal: We aim to help develop sport specific skills, life skills, keep kids active and engaged, and to have fun. We want the kids to continue playing in the years ahead and by placing the needs of the child (skills, equal playing time, fun) ahead of personal philosophies, we aim to provide the next level with coachable athletes with an intrinsically motivated love (enjoyment) of the game. Everyone plays.

Dates: Tuesday, Aug 17, 2021 06:00 PM - Thursday, Sep 30, 2021 07:45 PM